Potatoes roast quickly in the microwave and can be topped in a variety of ways. This particular combination is a favorite snack of mine. Cooktime varies from five to fifteen minutes depending on the potato.

cost calories net carbs fat fiber protein sugar
~$0.521 293 23 16 7 10 9


  • one bowl
  • one medium sweet potato
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (I prefer crunchy)


Total cooktime depends on the size of the potato and your microwave. Here’s my recommended starting points:

  • small (<100g, a few fingers in volume): two minutes
  • medium (100-200g, smaller than a closed fist): four minutes
  • large: up to fifteen minutes

Here’s the process:

  • scrub potato clean without removing skin or drying
  • pierce potato deeply with a fork a few times to let steam escape
  • add to bowl and microwave for half of cook time
  • remove and flip
  • microwave for rest of cook time, or until a fork easily pierces the inside
  • remove and split lengthwise with a knife
  • add peanut butter and allow to melt briefly before eating


Some other topping ideas:

  • olive oil, italian seasoning, salt+pepper
  • maple syrup and nuts
  • cinnamon and sweetener
  • yogurt and fruit

I’ve tried a few variations like coating in oil and adding water, but haven’t noticed much of a difference.

  1. sweet potato $1.79/2lb (Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s), peanut butter $19.35/78oz (Teddie All Natural, Amazon)