These are some example recipes that I make often. They’re intended as starting points: the proportions, ingredients, and flavors can all be tweaked according your preferences.

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Peanut Butter Sweet Potato

Potatoes roast quickly in the microwave and can be topped in a variety of ways. This particular combination is a favorite snack of mine. Cooktime varies from five to fifteen minutes depending on the potato.

Oat-Breaded Salmon Burger

Oats replace breadcrumbs in this burger to improve macros. Dry-roasting allows for a crunchy breading despite using microwave heat. Cooktime is about ten minutes.

Pad Thai Oatmeal

This adapts the famous Thai noodle dish with oats and common western ingredients. Total cooktime is about five minutes.

Chickpea Pizza

Baking powder is used to puff up the chickpea flour - usually used in flatbreads - to form a fast pizza crust. Cooktime is about five minutes.

Garlic Oatmeal

Currently my favorite meal, this savory oat dish has balanced macros but tastes like garlic bread. Cooktime is under five minutes.

Curry Lentils

Red lentils make this quick to prepare compared to other legume-based dishes. Cooktime is around five minutes.